07 December 2009

Giveaway - win a months free advertising!

Would you like to win a feature all about your work and a months free advertising on this blog, just like December's lucky winner? Just follow this blog and leave a comment at the end of this post - that's it!

The winner of the December advertising Spot is... 

Also known as Serena Cowdy from the succesful blog Cowdy Calling, a humourous and friendly blog about Serena's many and varied talents, actress, photographer, artist and freelance finance journalist...  

The Copper Swallow Folksy shop opened a few months ago selling 1930's inspired, handmade paper goods, greeting cards, tags and notelets and has become a popular shop already. 

"Why 'The Copper Swallow'? Well, I've got copper-coloured hair and I tend to zip here and there at half the speed of light. A bit like a swallow, in fact - although with a lot less grace..."

She may not be graceful, but her work is stylish and elegant and Serena has a strong brand awareness, as she uses a very select palette of materials for her current range. Old stamps, manilla card and a typewriter from the 1930's are used to make each piece. 

This apple place name tag is a perfect example of her work, which is all refreshingly uncomplicated and original.  It also shows off her photography skills!   I'm fairly sure there will be more than a few sophisticated brides-to-be wanting Serena to take on their wedding stationary order - I'd get in their fast if I were you, she's a busy lady! 

If you would like to learn more about Serena and the Copper Swallow take a look at her professional website http://www.serenacowdy.com/ or follow her on twitter http://twitter.com/SerenaCowdy


It is so simple!  You must become a follower to enter this competition (or be one already!).

1. Leave a comment on this post with a link to your blog, shop or website and let me know your latest news, think of it as a mini advert! (click here for my guide to leaving clickable blog comments)
How simple is that!


Entry to this months competition ends at 12pm on the 6th of January 2010.  The winning entrant will be featured in a blog post like the one above, which will then become the new entry form for January's competition - so you'll have everyone who enters next month seeing your feature too - it's the giveaway that just keeps giving!!! 

I will make you an advert if you do not already have one - so don't let that stop you entering!

Good Luck!

(PS.  Don't forget to visit The Copper Swallow! to see her new range of notebooks )