18 December 2009

Happy Christmas, see you in 2010!

If you are a member of Folksy or Etsy then you will no doubt be familiar with  the fantastic work of NiftyKnits who kindly gave me permission to use her nativity meerkats as my Christmas Blog greeting card to you all as I sign off for 2009.  Funny that I am now so familiar with these meerkats that this concept doesn't seem at all unusual!

If you would like to know more about Nifty, including the adventures of the world famous touring meerkat twins, currently in Jerusalem and New York respectively (yep I just wrote that) then click here for her lovely blog which is not all about meerkats and is a jolly good read!)

SO!  Merry Christmas, Nadollig Llawen and Shalom! - have a fantastic new Year, see you in 2010 when I will be launching Craftblog UK! 

  • You can register your interest on Twitter www.twitter.com/craftbloguk  or just leave me a comment and I will find your blog and make sure you are included, I'm hoping it will be a really useful resource and lots of promotion for everybody involved.

Now please share your Christmassy blog posts or news with me here, I'm looking forward to having time to read all the blogs I'm following and find a few new ones! 

(Oh, one last thing!  Don't forget you can enter my blog advert giveaway (simple entry) and win just like my previous winners, The Copper Swallow, Emma in Wonderland and Natalie Wilson - click the links to see the feature posts they also won.  If you win you'll have advertising from 7th Jan until Valentines day 2010.  Enter here now!)