14 January 2010

Connect your Blog to Facebook with Networkedblogs

Do you have a Facebook fan page and a blog? 

You can now connect the two so that your blog posts are automatically posted to facebook fan page...  it is so easy to do you just click on this link http://networkedblogs.com/ which will take you to the networked blog site and click on the the big orange button that says add your blog.

You can choose to have your posts automatically posted to your wall and all your fans, or you can just have it posted to a new tab called blog on your fan page.

Do you also see the large follow button - well, it's another way to make connections - exactly the same as google friend connect that most bloggers have, you have to insert the follow widget into your blog to verify that it belongs to you but after that you can choose to remove it. I've kept mine, well just to see if anyone clicks it!

I discovered networkedblogs whilst I was joining in with the latest link love phenomena where you add a discussion called 'links' to your facebook page and invite everyone to post their links, encouraging a mass link swap follow fest kind of chain reaction - well that's the plan! You have to take some time to go and look at everyone's links mind otherwise you wont see the benefit. (blimey that sounded mumsy, don't forget your hats and scarves too!) My facebook page is www.facebook.com/haptree - please feel free to add some links and become a fan and I'll be sure to fan you back!