15 January 2010

Folksy Friday Mini Treasury - Keep warm...

Large Comfort Blanket
£46.00 - Knit Knots Hand-Woven Throw - Grey British Herdwick Wool Honeycomb Throw
£245.00 - Maxemilia
Afghan knee rug in Pure wool
£55.00 - Tricot Treats by Helen Dey buddy knitted blanket
£50.00 - Smitten
Beautiful green blanket.
£20.00 - The Cat's Whiskers Crotchet Baby Blanket 
£10.00 - Topsie

...and Snuggle up in a Blanket

Why not turn down the central heating and invest in a knitted blanket. Warm, snuggly and environmentally friendly too.  Buy a big one and snuggle up with a loved one - what a great idea for a valentines day present!  The work that has gone into these beautiful blankets and throws is incredible and with these freezing temperatures they are worth every penny and every laborious stitch!  (ps. cot and baby blankets make excellent knee warmers for grown ups too)

All of the work above has been handmade by artists resident in the UK and is available for sale at http://www.folksy.com/ please click the images for further details and to search for more beautiful creations.

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