06 January 2010

Hello Teenies

Ok so the noughties have gone, hello Teenies - had a pretty busy decade, degree, 2 kids, 5 house moves, 6 jobs to mention but a few...   so the teenies will hopefully be a little more laid back with a bit more cash to burn.

A few little updates, I've been away from crafty blog land for a few weeks, those of you who are familiar with this blog will know that is unusual for me - I didn't look at my computer at all the whole of the holidays!

  • I mentioned this before I went away, I've been working on Craftblog UK a blogspot blog which will (hopefully) be a really useful resource and a nice place for promoting all of the UK crafters who have wonderful blogs to complement their work - I know how hard everyone works to keep them updated and full of great content so a bit of recognition will be nice for everyone. Let me know your blog addresses as I'm trying to compile a database and organise it into craft types but so far I have just made a start on the banner! I've got too many ideas and I need to try to start small and work it up!I'll do a grand opening soon! What do you think of the banner/logo? - I went for simple and easy to read with room for adding a few seasonal twiddles or wotnots round the sides...

You can also follow craftbloguk on twitter - www.twitter.com/craftbloguk  thank you to those who are already following.  I'll start tweeting all your new blogposts soon once I get myself organised.

  • I'm also working on http://www.haptree.co.uk/ I bought it from MrSite just before Christmas, the most basic one, it was about £20 for the whole thing -  but have yet to get any of my stock on there or make it look beautiful - I'll do a post when I'm happy with it.  Primarily I have bought it as I want a memorable address to put on my cards and stationary.

  • Haptree and me blog - I'm hoping to get back to gardening and in an effort to help myself to start a gardening calendar with to do's for the month ahead, although with all the snow I can't actually see my garden!  I'll take some snaps today - it's looking like a winter wonderland.  I get some really useful tips from all of you crafty types, seems home grown goes naturally with handmade.