01 February 2010

Arts & Craft Market - Berkhamsted

My first attempt at a more local fair - fingers crossed it's going to be a busy shopping day being the week before Valentines day.  If any of you are near by would love to see you.  Here are the details -

I've been really busy with craftblog uk but now it's launched hopefully things will get back to normal (I even missed Folksy Friday last week - but please check the sidebar as I have links to everyone's in there)  I've been lucky enough that http://www.ukhandmade.com/  have asked if the new blog can be their official blog roll - as they were struglling to manage their own.   I'm really chuffed to be connected to such a great website, they have added my new CBuk badge on their ning and their blog and invited all their new members to add their blogs!

The only differences to this blog will be the blogging tips and tutorials will be posted over there, but I'll link to them on my tips page here too.

I'll also be restarting my gardening posts, actually got into the garden and did some bits and bobs last weekend - there was just an inkling of a spring feeling, can't wait to start the seedlings off, a little while to wait yet I think, we had a massive frost this morning.