19 February 2010

Giveaway - Win a Month of Free Advertising! (April)

Would you like to win a feature all about your work and a month or more of free advertising on this blog, just like January's lucky winner?  Details are at the end of this post (it's easy peasy and open to everybody!)

The winner of the February advertising Spot is...

Pam Southernwood is the talented lady behind Avril Pam, a successful Folksy shop selling beautiful jewellery, handwoven scarves and intricate felted brooches and purses.  Pam seems to be able to put her hand to any craft!  Pam has also recently created a brand new website - www.averilpam.co.uk where you can see a gallery of her latest work.

These pieces above really caught my eye, I particularly like the background Pam has used for the black and white necklace.  The little droplets of dew reflect the spots on the beads so well!  This felted and embellished brooch would look fabulous on the lapel of your winter coat, it makes me think of a beautiful peacocks feathers all fanned out.


It is so simple!  You need to visit my NEW! blog www.craftbloguk.blogspot.com become a follower and then leave a comment below (on this blog!!!) to let me know what you think of it!  You may also post a link to your blog, shop or website and let me know your latest news, think of it as a mini advert!

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How simple is that!

(here's a little tip -  hold down shift whilst you click a link and page will open a new page rather than navigating away from the page you are on - try it! - or if that doesn't work using your browser left click a link to bring up options of how and where to open it, as a tab or as a new page etc)


Entry to this months competition ends at 12pm on the 1st April 2010.  The winning entrant will be featured in a blog post like the one above, which will then become the new entry form for next months competition - so you'll have everyone who enters next month seeing your feature too - it's the giveaway that just keeps giving!!! 

I will make you an advert if you do not already have one - so don't let that stop you entering!

Good Luck!