24 February 2010

A New Award!

I have been awarded a Sunshine Award by lots of brilliant bloggers for both my blogs! Thanks so much to you all, especially for all the lovely comments you have left.

Dinky Daisy
Quernus Crafts
Blue Forest Jewellery
Trinket Box
Fairly Girly
Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics
Sparrow Primitives
Cinnamon Jewellery
Mrs G Knits

So I'm  giving you all back my own pretty flower award to say thanks, it's called the I LOVE CRAFT BLOGS AWARD!  Feel free to pass it on to any crafty blogs you love, oh and make up your own rules, nominate as many or as few blogs as you like - or just keep it for yourself!

Happy Blogging x

(I hope I didn't miss anyone out, I got a bit lost with all the awards flying around)