09 February 2010

Sewing and Sowing


I've been asked to do a jewellery roll for one of my fellow Folksy sellers Florio Designs - I had to put it on a bit of a back burner because of the fair I did at the weekend amongst a zillion other things but I'm hoping to get the prototype finished for her soon, if she likes it I can then take the plunge and make it up in some of my Japanese fabric.  I've already had to do a redesign but I think my new plan will work!

Gail sells these beautiful fascinators - I just wish I had an outfit to go with them, haven't had any wedding invites for this spring!  Probably a good thing as I'm way too busy.

I have been invited to write a tutorial for one of my coin purses for Sew Hip Magazine.  The deadline is March 1st, who knows at what point it will appear (if at all!) I'm off to visit my mother in North Wales for half term so I'm going to take all my sewing bits / machine and do the tutorial pics up there, then it's just a case of writing it up when I get back and posting it all off. ('just'! )

I need to do the pics in the day, can't stand flash photos -  my mother has a wonderful light sun lounge I can use to set up in and get some nice bright images - they may also keep the kiddiwinks occupied so I can actually get on with it! Wish me luck!

...& Sowing?

Ok not actually sowing anything yet, I'm Not sure what happens, must be the extra light or the emergence of little green shoots but suddenly I've got back my gardening head.  This dead thing above is my great big Hosta, you have to have a lot of faith in mother nature to believe this will be looking like this a few months (fingers crossed the snow didn't kill them all , at what point will I know?)

Perhaps it's little bulbs poking their heads up for the first time that makes everyone get excited about spring!

The veg patch is a little bare! just take a look at the 'my garden' link at the top to see what they were like last year - all green and lush full of produce.  We're remodelling this area, there will be a new big shed and a kind of deck where the large bed is, leaving us with 4 x 4ft square beds which is plenty, I had the top bed as my salad bed last year and it was too much so I'll scale it down a little this year and concentrate on getting some decent tomatoes.