04 March 2010

Feedback, Cillit Bang and Handmade Marketing

I have a daily struggle between my 'to do' list and my 'what I want to do' list - I suppose that's the same for everybody.  I've been working really hard over the last few weeks to get the new blog up and running, including starting a fan page on facebook - it's starting to tick over nicely though and I can begin getting back to normality, or just marginally less hectic anyway.  My house needs a bit of TLC and perhaps some cillit bang here and there - so it's back to the to do list and not so much of the what I want to do list (boooooo!)

Last week I sold this purse which has been like an old friend to me as I've used this image in lots of publicity because I love the graduated background - the buyer left me some great feedback , she said   

Lovely quality, very impressed. Thank you!  

No, thank you! For me feedback is by far the most important part of the sale and when I see my feedback number has gone up by one I have to half look away as I click, it's a bit like getting exam results - you know you've done okay but it doesn't stop you getting that heart sinking feeling that something may have gone terribly wrong and that ecstatic leaping about when you find out you got an A+ ! If any buyers of handmade goods are reading you are now aware of the power you wield just by writing a simple sentence!

Late last night I had a google alert to let me know that Handmade Marketing had featured me in a new post! See it here.  I sent them the details some time ago but they were on hiatus and said they'd be back - and now they are!  It's a great site absolutely packed with tips, mostly from etsy sellers - well worth delving into if you have a spare few hours and if you don't then follow them on twitter - they send out a bunch of tweets with every new article they publish so you wont miss a thing.

It was a post I wrote a few months back when they introduced twitter lists onto twitter - I was talking about Listorious and Twibes and also mentioned 6 links that had just about everything you needed to know about twitter. (talking of lists don't forget my folksy and CBuk twitter lists!)

Take a look at the article and please do comment if you have a minute as that will mean I may get more articles published by them!!!

Thanks for reading today, f you sell handmade, what's the best feedback you've ever had - why not cut and paste it into a comment for me and link back to your shop if you have one :o)