17 March 2010

Jewellery Roll

I made up this jewellery roll a few weeks ago - it was a commision and although it came just at the same time as my CBuk stuff was all going on so I was worried it took too long but I really enjoyed designing it and making it up.  I'd never made a jewellery roll befor and I was really keen not to be influenced too much by what other people had made already, so I made it up in paper, then made a mock up in some old material I had before finally getting it just right! 

My lovely customer, Gail from Florio Designs at Folksy who I met at a fair last December, kept assuring me she had no deadline but still I hate to have things waiting in my to do list for too long and unlike computer work my sewing needs my complete, undistracted  attention (which is a rare occurance!)

I was given a great brief with lots of detail about which sections were needed (there are lots) and yet it was broad enough to give me a really free hand.  I wanted it to be recognisable as a 'haptree' creation so I incorporated an internal purse and for the ring holder I used one of my lobster clips.  I also used the same method I use for making straps as a way of controlling pendants, they can wrap around or be clasped around it and then are tucked into a little padded pocket.  Gail also told me she liked cats, and I had just enough of this Japanese material left!  She liked it and left me some really lovely feedback via folksy so I'm really chuffed!

I don't know if you can see from the photos but my camera has developed a little blurry blob - so I'm going to have to take it apart and clean it out, it has had one too many trips to the beach I think! (Oh how I need a new camera!)

If you would like a jewellery roll then please let me know - I'm also thinking of writing up the pattern as a PDF, although with all the little sections and pockets it's going to be quite a task!