25 March 2010

Meet the Trainee Website Designer!

Yes Me!  As of about 4.30pm today when I handed over my credit card details to Computeach.  I've just signed up for a distance learning course to become a Certified Internet Webmaster.  So today is the first step to getting myself a brand new career. 

It should take about a year (they say!) - I'm hoping that I'll be qualified by the time my son starts at nursery - a year doesn't seem long to become a webmaster but I think maybe it's just the term webmaster that's freaking me out! Watch out spidey!

(Image from here)

I went on maternity leave in November 2003 (can't believe it's been so long) and haven't had a full time job since - the most I've worked is 20hrs a week and not doing anything particularly stretching. I've been thinking for ages what I want to do and I keep coming back to freelance web design every time. I need a job that will grow with me and is portable in case we relocate at any point, which is always a likelihood.  I have a passion for research, writing and design and I'm fairly technically minded so I think it will be perfect for me. I have a completely unused degree in architecture too which is all about conceptual design principles. When I was designing buildings during my degree, I really enjoyed that you could lead people on a journey through a space and that's how I see great websites, visual clues and hints to help you explore a site in a predetermined way, albeit in 2 dimensions.

Anyway, enough fantisising about 6 figure salaries (junior web designers earn naff all, so part time junior web designers probably don't exist!) I'm fairly certain that this course (given it's only a year long) will be pretty basic stuff, and I've already got the heebiejeebies about it having watched what looked like a 17yr old talk about their experiences on their website, she didn't look like the shiniest button I've ever seen.   It's alot of money, but I'd like the confidence of being able to say I have an industry recognised qualification when I set up my own freelance design business. I'm fairly sure I could learn it all from books but I want the security that they offer with regard to recruitment etc in case my dreams of freelance get scuppered by my mortgage interest going up. 

I'm really excited about being able to redesign Craft Blog UK as a website too - it will be awesome...   but in a year or so!  I'll keep you posted about how my coursework is going, please tell me if I'm turning into a geek!  I'm going to go and make myself a new pencil case now and buy a tonne of notepads! I love being a student again already, is it beer o clock yet!