23 April 2010

Folksy Friday Mini Treasury - Custom Graphics or make your own!

Custom made banner for your folksy shop
£12.00 Marketing Pack
Custom Business Pack
£30.00 Custom Folksy Shop Banner Set - Using your product photos
Shop Banner designed just for you
£5.00 Banner and Avatar Set

Wot no degree in Graphic design?

If you have a brand new folksy shop, or even an old folksy shop that go do with a little help with branding and promotion then look no further than folksy itself.  Why spend hours slaving over your laptop when here are just 6 of the great designers who for very affordable fees will design you a custom banner, avatar or even an entire marketing pack. (Click the images for further details and lead times)

If you are penniless (most of us are I think!) then I recommend using a free program like gimp which is similar (not as good as but free!) to photoshop.  Here's an Etsy seller who has used gimp to make her own banner, she explains exactly how to do it.  For Folksy just remember that you'll need to change the dimensions to 100px high and 920 wide, to change your banner on Folksy you'll need to go to 'edit appearance and settings' once you are in 'your account'- if any one has a tutorial for doing this on Folksy specifically please do add the link in the comments box below :o)

Feel free to post links to your shops if you are particularly proud of your custom bought or indeed handmade banners!