02 April 2010

Folksy Friday Mini Treasury - DIY Treasury...

Phil the Penguin
£17.00 Monochrome larvakite and white howlite sterling silver bracelet
STRETCH BRACELET Blue Loves Monochrome
£3.50 Green loopy corsage
Houses Mini Tote
£4.00 Croyde, North Devon, No 2

...a blank canvas for you to fill!

I hope you are having a Good Friday! Hopefully you are familiar with my Folksy Treasury template and by now you will have noticed there are a certain important 6 1 elements missing!   Now's your chance to get featured!

I'll add images and links based on your suggestions throughout the day,  I'm actually laying turf tomorrow in my garden square by square too, but I'll keep checking in and keep adding  those little squares until we have ourselves a really pretty treasury...   please leave your suggestions as a comment below, it can be your own item or someone elses... The theme is open so all items are welcome you can even suggest a background colour if you like! First Item will be picked at 10am and the final treasury will be created by 7pm :o)

We did it! Thank you so much for all the great contributions :o) I'm very happy!

Thanks for all the lovely items listed below so far - as promised I have picked the first - "Phil the Penguin" from the Folksy Seller - Pink Sherbert! I can't believe that this seller hasn't had a sale yet! Click the image for more details.  The second item is this pretty bracelet from Blue Forest Jewellery and I couldn't resist this loopy corsage from Seventy Seventy One Design.  My fourth pick is a really cute stretchy bracelet from Odd Girl Creates Item number 5, from the stained glass artist Amy Orangejuice was chosen because I have spent many a fantastic day (and night) in Croyde. The very last item chosen had to be this cute tote from Fosscards

Make your own Folksy Friday Mini Treasury Template Tutorial


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