03 May 2010

★Link Karma★

I just invented ★Link Karma★

In case you can't read the image -

Link Karma!
The rules are post a link and click on a link!
- whether it’s a new listing, old listing, twitter, blog, giveaway, sale, facebook or whatever, add your link to this thread.
BUT! You must follow, tweet or facebook at least one other person on this thread for the privilege of posting your own!
You can keep coming back and adding links but you have to click on and promote other peoples links first in order to fulfil your link karma!
(tweet about this thread – here’s the link http://bit.ly/9GXUs8 )

Please post and click and tweet to your hearts content!  here's the original thread link but why not start your own ★Link Karma★ - the stars aren't obligatory!


Feel free to★Link Karma★ my comments, I promise to tweet out yours if you tweet mine ;o)