06 July 2010

Winner! The Empty Nest!

I actually couldn't have made this up - I've been delaying writing this post and picking a winner for my new blog post advertising space as I've been so busy recently, but lo and behold whose name do I pick out of my hat  (aka random number generator) but that of my online pal, blogger and pie maker extroadinaire Janet from the Empty Nest! She's on my blog roll and one of my all time favourite bloggers and sellers on the Big E.

"They are newlyweds, just like Jane Fonda and Robert Redford in the movie 'Barefoot in the Park'. Her favorite scene from that movie is where Jane and Robert are saying goodbye in the morning as he goes off the work. He is smartly dressed in a new suit and she is wearing only a crisp dress shirt of his. She loves how she feels with that cool cotton against her...as if he is still holding her. This apron pays homage to that wonderfully romantic scene and she loves to wear it. She will keep it on all day until they are together again at night. She dabs a bit of his cologne on the fabric to keep his smell with her...heavens..she loves that man!"

Wow - what a beautiful description and that's why Janet is approaching her 100th sale on Etsy - she has a real way with words as well as a talent for creating pretty aprons, stylised paintings (her banner for example), knitting and upcycling items to give them a second lease of life. You have to visit her etsy shop to see all the talents she has!

Janets blog - The Empty Nest is a really terrific read, it hits all my must haves in a blog.  I should rephrase that - it hits both my must haves, humour and intelligence.  I've mentioned this blog numerous times when I've been writing critiques for CBuk members.  In my opinion (and I've seen alot of crafty blogs) Janets blog hits all the right notes and really makes you feel a part of the items that she's making.  If you sell aprons you have to blog about baking pies and the only thing that used to tear me away from Folksy Friday was Janets Friday is Pieday (unfortunately everyone got too fat and Janet got too busy, so it had to stop!)

I've decided that this is the end of my giveaways as I'm not promoting this blog in the same way I used to, with my efforts being spent on my new web design course, CBuk and the Folksy blog.

So there's no rules and requirements this time - except please take a look at Janets shop and blog!

(I'll get that add up there asap!)