03 September 2010


1. to go or come after in the same direction 
2. to accompany
3. to come after as a logical or natural consequence
4. to keep to the course or track of 
5. to act in accordance with; obey
6. to accept the ideas or beliefs of 
7. to understand 
8. to watch closely or continuously 
9. to have a keen interest in 
10. to help in the cause of or accept the leadership of 

All of these are definitions of the word FOLLOW! 
So which  is most apt when it comes to tweeting and blogging or should there be a new version? What is your perception of the word 'Follow' as used by tweeters and bloggers worldwide - does it mean anything at all?-  (do you care who follows you - do you display it proudly on your blog? ) Has facebook got it right by using the terminology 'like'?  

answers on a postcard...  or you could just leave a comment :)