05 October 2010

Phones and Jam

Hello, I'm after a new super phone, just don't know which phone to go for, I've been a pay as you go don't spend more than £50 on a phone person for ages but I need to be able to access the internet more often. I spend time at my mothers house and they have such a bad connection, as it's on the side of a North Welsh mountain. Do any of you have any advice on what I should get?  Do they get coverage everywhere? Blackberry, I phone  what else is there?

Also today, I wanted to say thanks to @spoonergregory off of twittah (who sells amazing prints on Folksy as Lapwing Printworks) for sending me her recipe for Marrow & Ginger Jam (it's a Sarah Raven recipe, google it!).  I substituted the lemon jelly for orange jelly, as my local tesco is too little to manage to stock more than 2 flavours  hopefully it won't make too much difference, managed to use up two massive marrows!

I like this print from their shop - not sure my kids would appreciate me selling our tv, I'd quite happily flog it otherwise.

Other news have sold 3 purses this week, so either my competition is working (enter it here) or Christmas buying has started.  I must find time to make up some new ones, I'm only doing one fair this year in December and it's an evening event. 2hrs of selling and I requested a 3ft table! Just didn't want the stress of trying to make up all that stock, sometimes it can take away the joy of sewing.

Right must get back to my coursework, learning about frames in web pages today.

x H :)