01 March 2011

Kitchen Garden

Why break your back when a 3yr old is the perfect height and he can actually handle a screwdriver pretty well :)  We are in the process of transforming the kitchen.  We're making all the new doors ourselves so it's going to take ages, but should be beautifully bespoke and glorious and even in it's unplastered half done state it is an improvement on the hideous cat tiles we have had to put up with since we moved in. 

We're hoping to sell next year so just the kitchen and bathroom to go and hopefully the house will be snapped up.  (Check out Nifty Knits latest 'escape from the neighbours' blog competition if you want moving house tips or if you are a fan of doctor who)

Here's what I'm more excited about - yes a greenhouse!

We hadn't bothered with one as we thought we would have moved this year but as it's taken longer than we thought to get the house sorted then when we saw a bargainous deal in b&q we had to buy one - it's polycarbonate and 6 x 4, we've kind of plonked it on a raised bed and I've laid a loose brick floor so we can grow tomatoes in there just by removing a few bricks.  The bricks should keep it warm in the night too (thermal mass and all that!)

Oh and that's a beautiful single flower from our only hellebore in the garden - I want more of these, they're just stunning.

Has anyone started sewing seeds yet - lots of the packets I have say March  so I'm hoping to get out there tomorrow once I've finished a Mother's day card gift guide for the Folksy blog :)