30 March 2011

Most visited blog post of all time! - what's yours?

I hope you are all enjoying spring so far, I am and I've had an idea.  I thought it would be fun to find out from my fellow bloggers what their most popular blog post has been since they began blogging - it would be an interesting way of trying to work out why some posts fly and seem to be really popular and some get read by just a handful of people and then never see the light of day.  I also want to create a really cool list if enough people post theirs - so think of it as a way of promoting your best post too :) 

I'll start the ball rolling but I'm really looking forward to finding some fascinating blog posts so please do add a comment with your own results (you don't need to share the figures, just the link) I know it wont be terribly scientific as some of us have 2 regular readers and others have 1000's but it will still be interesting to see what does well for people and should make for an interesting discussion and list of posts.

To find which is your most visited blog post, you can use google analytics. Use a content search and change the dates so it takes into account every post you have ever written and see what is top.  Or if you started blogging after June 2010 then you can use the stats on blogger, just click 'all time' and then see what comes up as top.

I'm going to share 2 of mine - They are both tutorials that do really well on google.
The first is my tutorial for adding a link bar to blogger - I posted it back in September 2009, it's still gets lots of hits and it's actually top for a search on google for 'adding a link bar'.  I used to promote this lots on places like the Folksy forum and I also made sure I responded to comments on there but now it just trickles visitors in.  It's the post that really got me interested in learning more and more about html and sharing little blog template hacks to make our blogs look cool.

The second is my purse tutorial - again this does really well in google and was published almost extactly a year later in September 2010 - it's actually doing better than the link bar tutorial so I don't think it will be long before it takes over :) 

They probably aren't my favourite posts just because they have done the best, although I am very proud of them.  Clearly they attract visitors and so they help get people over to see me and hopefully a few follows or a squiz at my (empty) shop. I think tutorials do that and they enable you to use keywords and offer something back which helps attract visitors and gives them a good reason for looking around or subscribing.

So those are my all time most popular posts but what are yours - please share the links as a comment and I'll collect them up and add them to a super list which I'll blog next week or whenever I have lots to share :)

Hilary :) - @haptree