15 March 2011

Wanna see some awesome cupcakes?

Made by my other half for my daughters birthday.  He should really be a professional cake artist - what do you reckon!

 They are chocolate cupcakes with a butter icing, they tasted delicious but the impressive part was the melted white chocolate decorations.  These were made by piping out melted white chocolate onto baking parchment.

It's not messy because you pop the chocolate into a freezer bag, microwave it until melted (take it slow!) and then voila a perfect piping bag after a quick snip to one corner and no washing up. I asked him what this part was officially called but he said he wasn't sure if there was a term, so please let me know - it's kind of chocolate art really.

Sprinkles added because she is 7 and you need sprinkles!  We even made a cake stand for them but no pictures of that without copious amounts of other peoples children and I'm not sure I should blog them! 

We carried them very carefully!

As you can imagine my 7 year old and her friends were pretty impressed! her name and her co-birthday girls on a cake!  He made so many we were able to offer them out freely to all our grown up friends that helped with the party too.

I wrote a whole post about cup cakes last year called the cupcake class, you may be interested if you love cupcakes too and are interested in the socio-economic drive behind them (or maybe not, there's lots of nice pictures of cake too!)