18 March 2011

When did I become an art collector?

I am a very lucky girl, not only for having a lovely day out at the zoo but also I got a painting by Paul Bailey for my birthday last weekend (oh and a rather nice bottle of Veuve Cliquot, which went down a little too easily!)  Up close the painting looks like this -

Isn't it fabulous. Whilst knocking back quite alot of the good stuff we decided that we all desperately wanted to be inside the little cottage and looking out, a warm fire roaring away - we probably spent the rest of the evening in that cottage in fact.  Great paintings do that, they take you off to another place even if you are alone and they also create conversation when you are in company (friends or complete strangers in a gallery).  I haven't made a decision about the frame yet...  I always find this difficult, you want something that allows the painting to shine not recede, so it's a conundrum I will ponder whilst I also ponder where it might go...   mmmm  a nice quandry to have :)

I want to collect more, not champagne as is suggested by this picture above, but art.  It's so exciting to have a growing collection.  From the photos you can see a few pieces I have (mostly gratis), the colourful piece on the wall, is one of two I have by the artist Walter Nessler (see his obit - here) he was a friend of my great aunt and I was lucky to inherit them - I only met her twice, once at her brother's funeral and the second time when I was at university and we had a g&t in her garden and mostly talked about plants.  She was an interesting woman and wrote her memoirs in the last decade of her life (alongside an OU degree!), so I feel I know more about her than I would otherwise.  The painting 'boats' is so bright, it has lots of texture, and the light  from above casts these interesting shadows - looks to me as if it were painted in the 80's not the 50's.

The plate you can see is by my ex boss and friend Simon Moore a glass maestro who gave me this plate amongst other pieces as a leaving present when I worked for him back in 2005 - it has been with me for 4 house moves now and always travels seperatley in the car wrapped in a duvet, it's bright and fun and I love it - I put it up on a wall and along with my other pictures I feel I am home.

There's more but maybe I'll blog about them another time!

PS - Just time to fit in a quick random sun dance prayer -

Dear God of Crafts,

Could you please please please make the sun shine tomorrow so that on the off chance that I have just one hour of freedom I could possibly take one or two photographs of the lovely handmade purses that are hidden away and unsold in a plastic box in my wardrobe. (I'll accept overcast gladly, but no rain please)

x Hilary
(your servant as always)

mmm, not sure what's more likely, the one hour of freedom or it not raining!