07 April 2011

Heavy Red Tulip

Heavy Red Tulip, originally uploaded by haptree.
I think I have become addicted to flickr - who knew how much fun the competitions are and how addictive. Yesterday I managed to get an image into level three of one group, the one of a little ladybird on a cherry blossom.

Does anyone else use flickr groups? The type I've been entering are post one comment on 3 or 5 etc and they give you a little snippet of html code to 'award' other images in their flickr pool. Maybe I should do this with my CBuk group?

This tulip has one award so far! need to stop clicking to check all the time, so much more to do but it's so rewarding (quite literally)!

Was thinking after Easter I may make up some nice art cards to list at Folksy, once I've built up my portfolio that is. I really struggle to get the time to get out there and use my camera.

Have a great weekend all, see you next week no doubt :)